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Owls & Birds of Prey

There are over 213 species of owls which can be found on all continents except Antarctica. Owls live in a variety of habitats from thick forests to open prairies. Males and females are generally similar in appearance, although the female is usually 25% larger.

Owls cannot chew their food, so small prey is swallowed whole and larger prey torn into small pieces. Several hours after eating, the indigestible parts (fur, bones, teeth and feathers) are compressed in the gizzard and regurgitated as a pellet.

DID YOU KNOW – Some owl species can hear sounds 10 times softer than a human ear can pick up.

Scops Owl

Scops Owl

Otus scops

Like all owl species, they incubate from the first egg laid and continue to lay one egg every other day, till they have a full clutch. This means that if four eggs are laid, when the last egg hatches the first chick is already 7 days old. This provides security...

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Chaco Owl 2013 10 2 150x150 - Chaco Owl

Chaco Owl

Strix chacoensis

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