key stages

Key Stage 1 & 2

  • Our education team offers hands-on activities focused on a whole range of wildlife, environment and seasonal themes that link to the National Curriculum.

Key Stage 3 & A-Level

  • Tailored sessions can also be provided for both Key Stage 3 and A-level students.

Planning Educational Content
These are a couple of examples of a Teacher tool that can be used for a pre-planned visit to Birdland and for post visit summing up.
We have several other sheets and are trying to improve the information for all levels to enhance a visit and the knowledge of birds. There are simple question and answer sheets, quiz pages and various other formats at present.
If you think we can produce something specific for your visit then please contact us or come for a free pre-group visit to discuss your requirements.
Please remember this can take take time to prepare so please give us as much notice as possible
Teacher Support Sessions
We also offer INSET sessions for teachers in which practical advice is given on the delivery of environmental National Curriculum topics. We can help provide lesson plans, worksheets and other support material.

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