Desert House at Birdland Park & Gardens in Gloucestershire

desert house

Here at Birdland Park and Gardens you can travel the world and experience birdlife from arid deserts like the Sahara in the Desert House.

This kind of habitat has very sparse flora with small and fragrant wildflowers growing in very dry conditions which prove vital for insects, reptiles, birds and mammals in the harsh environment.

Here at Birdland you can get a glimpse of this wildlife from one viewing angle. You’ll be able to spot delicate species ranging from the Desert finch to the Carmine Bee-Eater.

As you weave through the habitats at Birdland Park and Gardens you’ll find the Desrt House after traveling through the Out of Africa area.

Hardy birds survive in desert conditions in a number of ways, for example through hiding from the heat of the sun in the shade ensuring they won’t lose water through panting. Getting moisture from nectar and fruit is also another important way of getting water, their kidneys are also especially formed so that they excrete almost no liquid.

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