Out of Africa

Here at Birdland you can experience life in the Southern Hemisphere exploring the Out of Africa area, without leaving the comfort of the Cotswolds!

The African habitats feature a total of nine aviaries; six of which have been recently constructed to showcase the huge variety of birds found on the continent.

Among the species on display are a flock of black-cheeked lovebirds and a colony of village weavers; famous for their extraordinary nest-building prowess. Plus a flamboyance of Flamingos! Did you know Flamboynace is the collective name for a group of Flamingos?

Other birds in the Out of Africa area include touracos, starlings, guinea fowl and exotic ducks. As well as these beautiful birds the habitat also features the impressive-looking African hornbills. These birds will be sure to approach you to see what you’re up to near their habitat.

African birds range from the largest in the world, the Ostrich which can reach up to 6 feet and weighs up to 150 kilograms, to the Southern (or “Cape”) Penduline-tit which weighs a dainty 7-8 grams. It’s estimated that there are almost 10,000 different species of birds in the world and it’s estimated one quarter of these are endemic or migratory to Africa.

This addition to Birdland Park and Gardens has been popular with visitors since it opened in 2018. You can travel through the birdlife of the African continent before reaching the Desert House which is a habitat for some of the hardiest birds in the world.

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