Educational days out at Birdland

There’s a wealth of knowledge here at Birdland Park and Gardens in Bourton-on the-Water. From our expert keepers, the bio-diversity of our feathered residents and the prehistoric past of the Cotswolds, it’s the perfect location for an educational day out.

School & Educational Group Visits at Birdland Park and Gardens are a great way to get youngsters outdoors, learning in a stimulating and natural environment.

Groups will be able to watch our daily keeper talks where they’ll get an education about what certain birds like to eat, where they migrate to in the winter months and how their individual personalities affect the way they interact as a colony, flamboyance or a parliament!

With over 50 habitats showing a large range of biodiversity it’s a fantastic way to learn about how animals adapt to their environments and fits seamlessly into a number of Key Stages within UK education. Whilst attractions such as the Jurassic Journey and Close Encounters Zone can help support Curriculum Topics outside of the classroom.

Other aspects which are an important part of the work we do here at Birdland include conservation and protection of endangered species through breeding programmes. If you’d like to arrange a special talk to learn more about this one of our expert keepers will be able to tell you how the work undertaken in wildlife and zoological parks across the UK is helping scientists and conservationists throughout the world.

Risk assessments, Pre-School Visits and Work Experience can also be arranged to help teachers organise school visits as we understand how hectic the education profession can be!

Role Play is also an incentive being introduced here at Birdland Park and Gardens with our passionate team hoping to inspire today’s youth to become the next generation of bird lovers, creatures that are increasingly important to the UK’s ecosystem. Youngsters can take on the role of bird spotters with the brand-new free booklets hoping to add to the experience here at Birdland.

Click here for information on any of the following; School & Educational Visits, Key Stages, Curriculum Topics, Pre-School Visits, Work Experience and email if you’d like to arrange a visit.

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