Penguin Shore

Penguins are fascinating, funny and entertaining creatures and are one of the most popular birds here at Birdland Park and Gardens. We’re also home to England’s only group of King Penguins.

You can see our penguins tuck into their favourite food here at Birdland during the daily feeding displays which take place twice a day. Catch the small feed at 11am and the main Penguin feeding display at 3:00pm.  See them enjoy their lunch with an amusing and informative explanation from one of our expert keepers.

You can also take part in the feeding display with one of our Feed the Penguins Experiences.

Birdland Penguin Enclosure 1024x631 - Penguin Shore

In 2022 Penguin Shore underwent a dramatic redevelopment that completely transformed the area with a sleepy fishing village backdrop, by design company Dead Walk. The above and below water viewing areas of Penguin Shore have also been updated new brand-new glass.

Above and Below the Water

Peer through the window in the water and see how our penguins’ transition from adorable waddling to power and elegance under the water, when they are truly happiest. There are 17 species of penguins across the world all of which are designed for speed in water rather than the air. Their feathers are coated in an oil to prevent water getting in and their small wings act like propellers allowing them to ‘fly’ through the water.

Live streaming ‘Penguin Cam’

pen cam but 2 - Penguin Shore

You can catch our flightless friends anytime through the magic of live streaming. Powered by Explore Gloucestershire, the webcam has 24-7 live coverage of our penguins here at Birdland Park & Gardens, including the only group of King Penguins in England. Watch our Waddle, the collective name for a group of penguins, waddling whenever you like from wherever in the world!

Our Penguins

We’re very passionate about our penguins here at Birdland Park and Gardens and although you’ll find out fun facts about their habits and characteristics during the 3:00pm feeding display, we thought we’d present you with some extra penguin gospel.

King Penguin 1 150x150 - Penguin Shore

Aptenodytes patagonica
King Penguins lay just one egg. This is incubated in a small pouch between the legs, while the egg rests on the feet of the parent. The parents take turns in exchanging the egg, a delicate and sometimes comical event. Read more about our King Penguins here.

HUMBOLDT 2 150x150 - Penguin Shore

Spheniscus humboldti
Less than 30,000 birds in the wild mean the Humboldt is one of the rarest of the 17 species of penguin. The comical characters originate from South America and can be found in the wild in Chile and Peru, Read more about our Humboldt Penguins here

Baby Spike with Head Keeper Alastair Keen 2 150x150 - Penguin Shore


Our resident celebrity penguin, who has featured in a number of photoshoots and had the honour of meeting Sir David Attenborough, is one of Birdland’s most charismatic habitants. Spike the King Penguin was hand-reared at Birdland and is a firm favourite with staff and visitors. He even has his own facebook page and twitter!

Remember to catch the penguin feeding displays here at Birdland Park and Gardens daily at 11am and 3:00pm. Find out more information about the Feed the Penguin Experience now.

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