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Explore habitats from around the world, encounter our fantastic feathered residents and examine some prehistoric fossils all during a day out here at Birdland Park and Gardens in Bourton-on-the-Water.

Discover over 50 habitats set in 9 acres of beautiful woodland here at Birdland Park & Gardens and journey through the world’s most fascinating surroundings. Out of Africa, Parrot Pandemonium, Penguin Shore and the Desert House show how their habitants live in the wild and what we’re doing here at Birdland to help conversation of their species.

Visitors can get hands-on in the Encounters Area and discover that it’s not all about the birds here at Birdland! Watch chicks hatching out in the Hatchery and Nursery and spot some new-borns as well as a peak behind the scenes. Indoors you’ll meet lizards, snakes and even a poisonous frog and find out what is unique about birds before venturing outside to take part in the close encounter session with one of our expert keepers. From owls to parrots, tortoises to rabbits they’re all here.

Intrepid explorers will need to look high and low to spot our residents’ prehistoric ancestors in the Jurassic Journey. Peer through the trees to spot Velociraptors or track the footprints of the majestic Brachiosaurus before encountering the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

If you can’t wait until your trip to Birdland or have already visited but want to see them again, check out all of our residents and Meet the Birds. Learn about their natural habitats, what part of the world they originate from and what they eat, amongst lots of other quirky and interesting facts.

You can find out more about anything you’re interested in by selecting the following: Park & Gardens, Meet the Birds, Penguin Shore, Parrot Pandemonium, Jurassic Journey, Indoor Discovery Zone, Encounters Area, Hatchery & Nursery, Desert House, and Out of Africa.

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