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There are lots of opportunities for budding bird lovers to get involved with plenty of hands-on activities here at Birdland Park and Gardens.

You’ll have the chance to become a perch for a parrot or a landing pad for an owl at one of our entertaining Keeper Talks. Our friendly keepers will be on hand to answer all of the questions inquisitive minds might have, some of which parents aren’t able to answer themselves. Find out why flamingos feathers are pink to how penguins make friends whilst here at Birdland.

Birdland boasts a beautiful natural setting of woodland, river and gardens that are inhabited by over 500 birds; including 140 different species such as vibrant flamingos, pelicans, colourful parrots, laughing kookaburras and magical owls displayed in over 50 aviaries.

With daily feeding displays, youngsters can watch whilst penguins, pelicans and flamingos tuck into their favourite foods, all whilst our expert keepers tell you the funny characteristics of individual birds and what they like to eat.

The generation of digital natives can get back to wildlife in the nature reserve which helps children discover indigenous creatures from dragonflies, grass snakes, otters and kingfishers, all of which have been spotted at Birdland.

And it’s not all birds here at Birdland! Visitors can also take part in activities with the chance to meet tortoises or come face to face with a snake in our Encounter Zone. Discover some of our fascinating egg laying creatures including lizards and even poisonous frogs.

Whilst here, visit the Hatchery and Nursery and spot some new-born chicks! The Hatchery allows children and adults to see up close the rare eggs needing special care, and watch the chicks hatching and taking their first steps. Look out for close encounter sessions and don’t miss our feeding times which take place throughout the day.

Follow in the footsteps of dinosaur hunters at Birdland in the Jurassic Journey. Archaeologist discoveries have proven the Costwolds were once home to a host of prehistoric dinosaurs. Join the Dino Dig and unearth a fossil yourself!

As well as the birds, there’s a chance for youngsters to burn off some energy in the outdoor play area. A small obstacle type playground awaits children up to 10 years of age and can be the final stage of the adventure after completing the Jurassic Journey and stopping off at the Pandemonium of Parrots. There is also a small indoor play area within the Discovery Zone for youngsters not old enough to climb atop the obstacle course.

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