adopt a bird

Fans of our feathered friends here at Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water have the chance to Adopt a Bird which means you’ll be able to help support your beaked buddy year after year.

By adopting a bird you’ll be able to learn about where they originated from, their history and yearly updates – plus just another excuse to come and see us here at Birdland!

Bird adoption makes a fantastic alternative gift to the bird lover who already has everything. They’ll receive a certificate, a picture of the adopted Birdland resident and a plaque within the grounds of the park referencing the recipient. 

Here’s what you’ll get as part of the adoption package:

  • You’ll receive an initial history of the bird and will get yearly updates about your new feathered friend.
  • A picture and certificate of adoption will be sent to you with reference to the supporter.
  • Adopters will be given a general bio on their bird including information about their species, what they like to eat and individual characteristics.
  • There will be references to the supporter throughout the grounds of Birdland Park and Gardens.
  • You’ll get a yearly update on your adopted chick with first refusal to re-adopt.
  • In cases where the bird is yet to be named the supporter will even get to name their feathered friend!

To Adopt a Bird is a single fee of £45 for Birdland’s smaller residents or £55 for the penguins and larger birds. This cost will go towards funding the upkeep of the chosen bird and supporting it throughout the year.

For more information or to start the adoption process email or call the Birdland team on 01451 820480 ext 2 between 10am – 3pm. Read about our other gift experiences available here at Birdland.

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