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Penguins are fascinating, funny and entertaining, and Birdland is home to England’s only collection of King Penguins. In the wild there are 17 species of penguin, which is a group of flightless birds designed for speed in water rather than the air.

Daily Feeding display takes place twice a day – with a small feed at 11am and the main Penguin feeding display at 3.00pm See them tuck into what they love most with an informative and fun explanation from one of our resident experts.

Above and Below the Water

Our window in the water shows how our penguins’ much loved waddling turns into power and elegance once they are underwater and truly in their element.

Birdland Park & Gardensups welcome at Birdland Park and Gardens

Penguin Feeding

The Penguins are fed every day at 11am and 2.30pm. Come and see them tuck into what they love most with an informative and fun explanation from one of our experts.

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Spike 150x150 - Spike The Penguin

Spike The Penguin

Spike the King Penguin hatched on 9th June 2007, and was hand-reared at Birdland. He is a firm favourite with both staff and visitors. Spike was hand-reared by the keepers after being abandoned as an egg by his parents (Frank and Beryl) and as such, formed a very close bond...

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Humbolt penguin, Birdland Park and Gardens

Humboldt Penguin

Spheniscus humboldti

Less than 10,000 birds means the Humboldt penguin is one of the rarest of the 17 species of penguin.  All the Humboldt Penguins at Birdland are captive bred. Distribution: Coasts and islands of Peru and Chile. Diet: Fresh whole Sprats, plus vitamins and salt. Breeding: Two white eggs are laid...

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King Penguin 1 150x150 - King Penguin

King Penguin

Aptenodytes patagonica

There are 17 species of penguin and the King Penguin is the second largest, weighing up to 18kg. The largest is the Emperor Penguin, which can weigh 45kg and the smallest is the Little Penguin which weighs 2kg. Distribution: South Georgia Island to Tierra del Fuego. Diet: Fresh whole Herring,...

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Our Penguins are kindly supported by…

  • Michael Farr
  • Nicola Carter
  • Kim Cornell
  • Bob McDade
  • Nikki Gosbee
  • Woddles
  • Dawson Hill
  • Owen Hill
  • Matthew Fielden
  • Charlotte Edwards
  • Ann Coleman
  • Jacquie Boyer
  • Rose Langridge
  • Scarlett McFarlane
  • Nicole Kairaityte
  • Adam Matusik
  • Luke Ryan
  • Michelle Scarrott
  • Bowbrook House School
  • In Memory of Freddie Whewell
  • Luke Boycott
  • Barney Kay
  • Jack Richardson
  • Harry Jacovides
  • Su Charnock
  • Jan Watson
  • Jackson Anderton
  • Charlotte Casey
  • Sandra Hunt
  • Hayley Clifford
  • Sezanne Brear
  • Isaiah and Raffi
  • Alan Tovey
  • Katie Brennan
  • Kim Cornell
  • Dmitri Z
  • Emma Booth
  • Sebastien Creese
  • Laura Partridge
  • Danielle Hall
  • The Bushby Family
  • Abi Powell
  • Richard and Sarah Cairns
  • Colin Murray
  • Sid & Meg Mumford
  • Antony Stafford
  • Conner McCaffery
  • Madeleine Hall
  • Leo P

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