Penguin Shore at Birdland Park & Gardens in Gloucestershire

penguin shore

Penguins are fascinating, funny and entertaining, and as well as Humboldts, Birdland is also home to England’s only collection of King Penguins. In the wild there are 17 species of penguin, which is a group of flightless birds designed for speed in water rather than the air.
Daily Feeding display takes place twice a day – with a small feed at 11am and the main Penguin feeding display at 2.30pm  See them tuck into what they love most with an informative and fun explanation  from one of our resident experts. Book your chance to feed the penguins

Above and Below the Water

Our window in the water shows how our penguins’ much loved waddling turns into power and elegance once they are underwater and truly in their element.

Live streaming ‘Penguin Cam’

pen cam but 2 - penguin shorePowered by Explore Gloucestershire, the webcam has 24-7 live coverage of the penguins at Birdland Park & Gardens, including the only group of King Penguins in England.

Feed the Penguins – If you would like to get really close to the penguins, you can buy a gift experience to come and help hand-feed our group.

King Penguin 1 150x150 - penguin shoreKING PENGUIN
Aptenodytes patagonica
King Penguins lay just one egg, which is incubated in a small pouch between the legs, while the egg rests on the feet of the parent. The parents take turns in exchanging the egg, a delicate and sometimes comical event. Read more about our King Penguins here

Spheniscus humboldti
Less than 10,000 birds means the Humboldt is one of the rarest of the 17 species of penguin. Read more about our Humboldt Penguins here

Baby-Spike-with-Head-Keeper-Alastair-KeenSPIKE THE PENGUIN
Spike the King Penguin was hand-reared at Birdland and is a firm favourite with staff and visitors. He has his own facebook page and twitter!

The Penguins are fed every day at 11am and 2.30pm. Come and see them tuck into what they love most with an informative and fun explanation from one of our experts.
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