Spike The Penguin

Spike - Spike The Penguin

Spike the King Penguin hatched on 9th June 2007, and was hand-reared at Birdland. He is a firm favourite with both staff and visitors.

Spike was hand-reared by the keepers after being abandoned as an egg by his parents (Frank and Beryl) and as such, formed a very close bond with them.

He is the go-to penguin on site for any modelling, tv work or photoshoots, often posing of his own accord for a couple of hours.  His credits include working with publishing company DK books, McVities Biscuits and appearing on TV with Sir David Attenborough.

In 2023 Spike won Penguins International ‘March of the Penguin Madness’ competition, earning the title of the world’s most popular penguin!

He also has quite the social media presence with accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Spike can be recognised by having the longest beak of the group.

Connect with Spike on his facebook page and twitter!


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