Emerald Dove

Chalcophaps indica
Emerald Dove 1 Small 1 - Emerald Dove

This is a common species in rainforest and similar dense wet woodlands, farms, gardens, mangroves and coastal heaths. It builds a scant stick nest in a tree up to five metres and lays two cream-coloured eggs. Breeding tends to occur in Australia spring or early summer in southeastern Australia and late in the dry season in northern Australia. The call is a low soft moaning cooing consisting of about six to seven coos starting quietly and rising. They also call a nasal “hoo-hoo-hoon”. Males perform a bobbing dance during courtship.

Diet: Seeds and fruits.

Distribution: India and east through Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia,  Philippines and Indonesia, to northern and eastern Australia.

Status in the wild: This species is considered to be of Least Concern

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