World Penguin Day Bios – Seth

Seth - World Penguin Day Bios - Seth

To celebrate World Penguin Day on 25th April, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our most popular residents.

Seth, Male, Hatched 1985

Seth is now the oldest male king penguin in Europe, Asia or Australia having hatched here as imported egg.  In the wild kings live to around 18 years of age but here we have food, the vet and no orcas!

Seth is the most famous bird in the park now being the last remaining penguin to star in the movie Batman Returns (if you don’t count Danny De Vito).  In the film he is part of the Penguins army who try to take over Gotham City and you can see Seth is several scenes swimming around or at one point wearing a rocket launcher.

He can be recognised by his celebrity strut, being the only penguin with a distinct swagger of his neck when he walks.

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