World Penguin Day Bios – Maggie

Maggie - World Penguin Day Bios - Maggie

To celebrate World Penguin Day on 25th April, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our most popular residents.

Maggie, Female, Hatched August 2014

The youngest of the kings and perhaps the most important member of the group, Maggie is the youngest female by nearly 20 years and is the only member of the kings not bred at Birdland, having hatched in Odense in Denmark.

Wishing to be noticed, she stomps everywhere, making much more noise when she walks than anyone else.  She also has a prominent tinge of green/yellow on top of her head, which none of the other penguins have.

She laid her first egg last year but we’ve never had a fertile egg at the first time of asking and last year’s was infertile.  We are hoping she pairs up with Frank and this will be our best chance of a chick this year.

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