World Penguin Day Bios – Lily

Lily - World Penguin Day Bios - Lily

To celebrate World Penguin Day on 25th April, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our most popular residents.

Lily, Female, Hatched 1990

Another elderly penguin, Lily is now starting to look her age.  She has always been a very small, petite penguin but has also lost sight in one of her eyes recently but is still active and mobile.

Lily has been one of our best ever breeding king penguins over all the years that we have kept kings, having several chicks in the past.  It is however unlikely she will breed now at her age, but she was still laying eggs in 2021, although very small.

You can recognise Lily by her size but she also likes to nibble her food, having a few test bites before swallowing lunch.  She also has a slightly flaky looking upper beak after being pecked by Ron the Humboldt last year, which resulted in an infection which has since cleared up.

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