What’s On at Birdland 2022

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Find out what’s in store for visitors to Birdland in 2022! Home to over 500 birds ranging from England’s only breeding colony of king penguins and awesome birds of prey to parrots, cassowaries and cranes, Birdland has a mix of free-flying and enclosed habitats and a whole host of fun events coming up this year.

Out of Africa – celebrate the amazing biodiversity of African birdlife including Hornbills and Touracos and a colony of village weavers. 


Birds Behaving Badly – Saturday 19th February – Sunday 27th February

Discover some of the most amazing birds with the most disgusting habits! Armed with a quiz trail, venture around the park to discover some of these truly remarkable creatures.

Celebrate Feathered Mums – Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March

Celebrate Mother’s Day at Birdland and learn about how amazing feathered mums are too! Treat the family and your mum to a bite to eat in the Flamingo Point Café, before discovering over 500 species of birds.

Cracking Easter Fun – Saturday 2nd April – Sunday 24th April

As well as Easter trails, quizzes and daily egg-themed talks and shows, the Gloucestershire wildlife attraction is expecting some egg-stra special new arrivals across the park.

Dozens of eggs in special incubators are due to hatch out over the Easter break and visitors will have the rare opportunity of watching the newborn chicks make their entry into the world.

World Penguin Day – Monday 25th April

Celebrate World Penguin Day in the company of the England’s only breeding group of regal king penguins as well as a comical group of Humboldts.  Enjoy twice-daily penguin feeds and talks from Head Keeper, and surrogate penguin parent, Alistair Keen.

May Bank Holiday Dinosaur Weekend – Saturday, 30th April – Monday 2nd May

Calling all Dinosaur Hunters, Fossil Fanatics and Potential Palaeontologists! Venture into a Jurassic-themed landscape which is home to more than 30 different dinosaurs, ranging from a metre-long baby stegosaurus to a terrifying T-Rex.

Younger visitors can unearth a series of fossilised remains at a special prehistoric boneyard.

May Half Term Penguin Week – Saturday, 28th May – Sunday 5th June

Join Birdland’s keepers as they introduce you to everybody’s favourite flightless bird, with a whole week dedicated to their most popular residents.

Learn all about the inhabitants of Penguin Shore and discover the quirky personalities of king penguins and comical Humboldts. Meet film stars and the UK’s oldest penguin.

Feathered Fathers – Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th June

Staff will pay tribute to some of finest feathered fathers as part of a weekend celebration for Father’s Day. It’s always a busy time for the bird-keeping team, with eggs and chicks aplenty.

Special activities include a talks programme which highlights some of Birdland’s most hard-working dads, and in some cases it’s the fathers who are literally left holding the baby!

Summer Fun – Monday 25th July – Sunday 4th September

The daily summer holiday programme includes flamingo, penguin and pelican feeds throughout the day. Plus head to the Encounter Zone where visitors can meet giant tortoises, pet rabbits and guinea pigs or come face to face with a snake. Venture into the Jurassic Journey and spot dozens of life-sized dinosaurs.

International Owl Awareness Day – Thursday 4th August

Celebrate International Owl Awareness Day with a day full of owl-tastic activities for families. Keepers will be leading special talks about owls throughout the day and during the Meet the Keeper sessions, visitors can enjoy a close encounter with them. Spot the differences between the species and learn more about them during their visit.

October Half Term Shriek Week – Saturday 22nd October – Sunday 30th October

Visitors will be able to let their imagination fly away with them during October Half Term Holidays, with a special Halloween themed ‘Myths & Legends’.

Discover why owls are considered to be so wise; where the legend of the phoenix came from; and find out which bird call the Romans believed to mean imminent death!

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