Week 16 – Penguins - Birdland Park & Gardens

Week 16 – Penguins

Week 16 – Penguins

Hi everyone

Just a quick blog today as I’m on a week off.  The big news this week is that work has begun on giving Penguin Shore a facelift.  The plan is to have an artificial rock wall placed along the back of the enclosure, with varying height levels.  This will also incorporate nest sites for the Humboldt Penguins, the speakers for the daily talk and a sprinkler system for those warm summer days (here’s hoping!).  We are using a company called Nautilus who are specialists in this field, you can see some of they’re on the link below.


In preparation we spent a few days of last week clearing out all the pebbles along the back half of the enclosure, removing any unwanted rocks and stones and having a general tidy up, quite a task as you can see from the photo below

clearing up the penguins

The work is expected to take about a week with feeding time taking place at 2.30 as normal.  Disturbance will be kept to a minimum although you may find the birds sectioned in part of the enclosure from time to time as work continues.  We will not be cleaning the pool this week so apologies in advance if you visit and find the pool a little murky.

In other news we have removed eggs from the Bartlett’s & Emerald Doves and placed them in the incubator.  The Bartlett’s abandoned their egg mid way through the incubation whilst the Emeralds have broken at least 2 eggs already this year

The Green Imperial Pigeons have laid again and the Blacksmith Plovers have 4 eggs in their 2nd clutch (the first clutch were infertile)


As it has finally warmed up we have started moving a few of the birds around ready for Summer.  The Southern Lapwings, Vulturine Guineafowl & Palawan Peacock Pheasant are all in different aviaries and the female Brown Breasted Barbet is now also on display

The male Temmincks Tragopan has started displaying, I’ve been unable to get a good picture as yet, have a look on google to be impressed

Work is complete around Flamingo Point cafe, just awaiting new picnic benches

The website is in the process of being relaunched so is currently down

And finally, not sure if this counts but finally saw the first swallow of the year.  This was seen half way home Sunday evening so not technically a Birdland sighting.  We’ll be keeping an eye out now for the Summer Migrants returning and hope to hear the Cuckoo for the first time in 4 years

Sorry for the short update this week, next time I’ll have pictures of the new Penguin Shore for you

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