Top 10 things to do this Easter at Birdland

Easter Chicks at Birdland, Cotswolds

1) Penguin Feeding at 2.30 – Enjoy amazingly close views of the UK’s only breeding colony of king penguins, don’t miss finding out more about these stunning birds.
2) Discover dinosaurs – Travel back millions of years to the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth and find out why they never really died out at all.
3) Easter Quiz Trail – Where better to go on an Easter egg hunt than at Birdland. Lots of egg-citing family fun and games guaranteed.
4) Cassowary Calling – Look out for these unusual birds when you visit Birdland this Easter, unlike other birds the male of this species will undertake the incubation and rearing of the chicks!
5) Meet some chicks – It’s Easter and spring is in the air, come and see the newly-hatched baby chicks, you never know you may even be lucky enough to witness the newest arrivals emerging from their eggs for the very first time.
6) Close encounters with some Easter bunnies – There’s much more than just birds at Birdland! Come and meet our cuddly Easter bunnies in the Encounters Area.
7)  Indoor discovery zone – It’s not just birds that lay eggs. Come face to face with the different animals that also lay eggs; from fish and amphibians to reptiles and mammals.
8) Flamingo Point Café – this is the perfect perch to sit back and admire our flock f elegant flamingos while you enjoy a well-earned break, a refreshing drink and something delicious to eat
9) Flamingo Feed at 11.30 – Just why do flamingo’s stand on one leg? Why are their feathers pink? Find out the answers to these questions and lots more fascinating facts at the daily Flamingo Feed.
10) Win a day out here – Why not take part in our easy to enter competition to win a great day out at Birdland?

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