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Trumpeter Hornbill

25th of April 2014 – Species Spotlight King Penguin

Today is World Penguin Day so I’m really left with no choice but to spotlight our star attraction   King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonica patagonica   Found in the wild along the Northern edge of Antarctica and on many sub-Antarctic islands including South Georgia, the Falklands and Deception, King Penguins are...

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28th of March, 2014 – Species Spotlight – Trumpeter Hornbill

This week we are highlighting one of the most dedicated mothers in the park   Trumpeter Hornbill Bycanistes bucinator   The birds are widespread throughout their range which includes South Africa, Kenya, Burundi and parts of Congo.  They are of least concern on the IUCN list. As Hornbills go, they...

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21st of March 2014 – Species Spotlight – Emu

This week the spotlight falls on a new species for Birdland Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae The Emu is the second largest bird in the world after the Ostrich and is a member of the Ratite family, which includes Ostrich, Rhea & Cassowary.  They are native to Australia where they are common...

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Week 32 – Educating Rita….& John, Lisa, Matthew ………….

The Summer holidays have kicked in this week and we have been busy, busy, busy.   With daily visitor numbers going up it means the keepers are in full swing on the education & entertainment front.  When I first started at Birdland nearly 12 years ago we used to do...

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Week 10 – Magnificent Mothers

This weeks blog is dedicated to the mums of the bird world to celebrate this weekends Mothers Day (still time to buy the card/flowers/chocolate so don't panic!).  With many of our species both mum and dad take it in turn to incubate the eggs and rear the young but with...

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