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23rd of May 2014 – Species Spotlight Carmine Bee-Eater

It is cold, ark and wet today so to cheer myself up I'm going to spotlight one of our more colourful and active birds   Carmine Bee-Eater Merops nubicus   We keep the Northern Race of the Carmines, who are native to much of central Africa, with the Southern race...

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25th of April 2014 – Species Spotlight King Penguin

Today is World Penguin Day so I’m really left with no choice but to spotlight our star attraction   King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonica patagonica   Found in the wild along the Northern edge of Antarctica and on many sub-Antarctic islands including South Georgia, the Falklands and Deception, King Penguins are...

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Week 20

This weeks blog is a day late so apologies for any inconvenience.  We have a keeper away so the 3 of us have been working non stop to ensure that all the animals are fed, the aviaries clean, the bins emptied and the public entertained.   Keepers being off is inevitable...

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