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7th of November 2013 – Question Time

As the breeding year draws to a close it that time of year when zoos are reviewing the year in terms of breeding successes and failures. Many species of zoo animal are critically endangered and breeding programmes are run by Studbooks to ensure regular breeding is ongoing to maintain populations,...

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11th of October 2013 – Catching Up & the Generation Game

This weeks blog is all about catching you all up on the past 3 weeks events at the park. It has has been quite a hectic few weeks and winter definitely feels like it is starting to arrive, with dark drives into work, the winds starting to pick up and...

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Week 36 – Finding feathers

As we move into Autumn it signals the end of the breeding season for many (but not all) of our birds.  With no nests to build, eggs to incubate or hungry chicks to feed many of our birds are now taking the chance to moult.  As you walk around the...

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Week 35 – Bank Holiday Busyness

We have had a very busy week this week with the warm weather, recent publicity & a Bank Holiday to boot.  Mondays Meet a Keeper saw at least 2 members of staff present from 11 through to 4.45 at the Encounter and at times, all 4 keepers and the work...

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Week 34 – Wonderful Windrush Wildlife

I'm very fortunate that whilst I'm working I can also indulge in one of my favourite past times, watching wildlife.  The site at Birdland is blessed with a variety of habitats with woodland, river and some open areas.  All this means that we have a variety of native flora and...

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Week 32 – Educating Rita….& John, Lisa, Matthew ………….

The Summer holidays have kicked in this week and we have been busy, busy, busy.   With daily visitor numbers going up it means the keepers are in full swing on the education & entertainment front.  When I first started at Birdland nearly 12 years ago we used to do...

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Week 24 – Chick Chick, Hooray

It's been a good week this week as several of the eggs that the birds and ourselves were incubating have hatched.  This means that the staff are busy hand rearing and bags can be seen under eyes!   The first of the eggs to hatch since the last blog was...

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