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18th of July 2014 – Species Spotlight White Stork

Time for this weeks species spotlight and it falls on:   White Stork Ciconia ciconia   White Storks are widespread, breeding in much of Europe, Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East and overwintering in Southern Africa & the Indian Subcontinent.  They are becoming an increasing frequent visitor to...

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4th of July 2014 Species Spotlight – Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove

This week we focus on one of our two species of Bleeding Heart Dove   Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove Gallicolumba luzonica As with the other species of Bleeding Heart Dove we keep (the Bartlett's), Luzons are a member of a family of ground doves found in South East Asia.  They...

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6th of June 2014 – Species Spotlight Blue Winged Minla

This weeks spotlight falls on one of our smallest inhabitants   Blue Winged Minla Minla cyanouroptera   Also known as the Blue Winged Siva, they are native to the Indian sub continent and South East Asia where they inhabit areas of tropical forest.  They are part of the babbler family,...

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Week 27 – Quick Update

Hi all It's just a quick update this week as we have been all hands to the deck again with hand rearing, school trips and preparing for Summer (yes, Summer!)   We have 3 Greater Rhea hatch this week.  The chicks are mobile from hatch and are following the parents...

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