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Head Keeper teaches King Penguin Chick to swim

Our Head Keeper has been going to extreme lengths to help our king penguin chick overcome its fear of water. Head keeper Alistair Keen donned snorkel and mask and took the plunge in the penguin’s outdoor pool in a bid to encourage the chick, who has been named Charlotte in...

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Species Spotlight – 19th of December 2014 Robin

For our final species spotlight of the year I thought we'd be a little different and have a look at one of our wild birds, who has also come to symbolise Christmas   Robin Erithacus rubecula Not to be confused with the American Robin, our European Robin is a common...

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21st of November 2014 – Species Spotlight Black Swan

This week we take the chance to look at a species that has recently returned to the park   Black Swan Cygnus atratus   We recently took delivery of a young pair of Black Swan from WWT Martin Mere having lost our remaining male at the start of the year....

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17th of October 2014 – Species Spotlight King Penguin Chick 2

This week we have been thrilled to announce the arrival of a second King Penguin chick and I thought I would take the chance this week to blog about him/her   Chick number hatched on the 29th of September.  This was egg number 5 and the second from Frank &...

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10th of October 2014 Species Spotlight – Tawny Frogmouth

This week we look at one of the more unusual looking members of the park Tawny Frogmouth Podargus strigoides Tawny Frogmouths are found throughout Australia, including Tasmania.  They are closely related to the Nightjar, found here in the UK.  There are 3 species of Frogmouth and the Tawny is Near...

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5th of October 2014 – Species Spotlight Nicobar Pigeon

This weeks spotlight is a couple of days late - apologies for that, we have been very busy hand rearing the penguin chick.  This week we turn our attention to   Nicobar Pigeon Caloenas nicobarica Nicobars are native to a group of small islands and coastal regions of Asia, mainly...

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