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13th of June 2014, Species Spotlight – Azure Wing Magpie

This week we highlight a species who fledged 2 chicks   Azure Wing Magpie Cyanopica cyana   There are 2 distant sub species of the Azure Wing, with one population (the one we keep) found in China, Japan & Korea, and the other located in Spain and Portugal.  They inhabit...

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6th of June 2014 – Species Spotlight Blue Winged Minla

This weeks spotlight falls on one of our smallest inhabitants   Blue Winged Minla Minla cyanouroptera   Also known as the Blue Winged Siva, they are native to the Indian sub continent and South East Asia where they inhabit areas of tropical forest.  They are part of the babbler family,...

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18th October 2013 – Planning for the Future

This week saw our annual review with Simon (our manager), Nikki (PR) & Ian & Michael (our owners). This is where there were discussions on a wide range of topics including visitor attendance, incomings and outgoings & future plans re advertising, leaflets etc. Most of this was conducted by the...

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Week 38 – Latest goings on

Just a quick update on the weeks events this week as by the time you read this I will have become a dad! The next couple of blogs will be pre-written and won’t have any weekly news/wildlife sightings but I’ll update that all once I am back.   This week...

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