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18th of July 2014 – Species Spotlight White Stork

Time for this weeks species spotlight and it falls on:   White Stork Ciconia ciconia   White Storks are widespread, breeding in much of Europe, Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East and overwintering in Southern Africa & the Indian Subcontinent.  They are becoming an increasing frequent visitor to...

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20th of June 2014 Species Spotlight – Striated Caracara

This week we take a look at our only Bird of Prey in the park   Striated Caracara Phalcoboenus australis With only 500 breeding pairs in the wild, the Striated Caracara is one of our rarest inhabitants and they are listed as near threatened.  In the past they were heavily...

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30th May 2014 – Species Spotlight – Pied Avocet

This week we are celebrating Penguin Week but as I have already blogged about of two species of Penguin that we keep, I am going to write about another Black & White bird that we keep that lives near water   Pied Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta   A bird that is...

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23rd of May 2014 – Species Spotlight Carmine Bee-Eater

It is cold, ark and wet today so to cheer myself up I'm going to spotlight one of our more colourful and active birds   Carmine Bee-Eater Merops nubicus   We keep the Northern Race of the Carmines, who are native to much of central Africa, with the Southern race...

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21st of March 2014 – Species Spotlight – Emu

This week the spotlight falls on a new species for Birdland Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae The Emu is the second largest bird in the world after the Ostrich and is a member of the Ratite family, which includes Ostrich, Rhea & Cassowary.  They are native to Australia where they are common...

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7th of March 2014 – Species Spotlight Southern Lapwing

The spotlight this week falls on   Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis   Native and widespread in South America where various sub-species are located around the continent. They tend to frequent cultivated fields and damp meadows, which probably explains why I saw several in Argentine whilst filming Winter Wipeout in 2011....

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Species Spotlight – 28th February 2014 – Western Grey Plantain Eater

This week we spotlight a bird that we have kept for over a year, but have also had some new arrivals this week   Western Grey Plantain Eater Crinifer piscator A member of the Turaco family, the Western Plantain Eater is native to tropical West Africa, where they inhabit areas...

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Species Spotlight – Humboldt Penguin

The weekend past saw us celebrating Penguin Awareness Day. The day itself was on Monday (the 20th) but we made a full weekend of it, with lots of facts and pictures going online and quizzes and hands on events at the park. On Facebook alone, some of Spikes posts reached...

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18th October 2013 – Planning for the Future

This week saw our annual review with Simon (our manager), Nikki (PR) & Ian & Michael (our owners). This is where there were discussions on a wide range of topics including visitor attendance, incomings and outgoings & future plans re advertising, leaflets etc. Most of this was conducted by the...

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