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King 6 1 320x335 - 25th of April 2014 - Species Spotlight King Penguin

25th of April 2014 – Species Spotlight King Penguin

Today is World Penguin Day so I’m really left with no choice but to spotlight our star attraction King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonica patagonica   Found in the wild along the Northern edge of Antarctica and on many sub-Antarctic islands including South Georgia, the Falklands and Deception, King Penguins are one...

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11th of April 2014 – Species Spotlight – Emerald Dove

To celebrate being on Holiday visiting the In-Laws in Ireland this weeks spotlight focuses on   Emerald Dove (see what I did there!) Chalcophaps indica   Emerald, or Green, Doves are widespread throughout much of the Indian sub-continent including parts of Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia.  They are also found in...

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SAM 5972 Small 1 640x335 - 25th October 2013 - Micro Chipping

25th October 2013 – Micro Chipping

This week we have been busy micro-chipping more of the birds. The birds that we have been micro-chipping are amongst some of the rarest species in captivity and as such each individual needs a form of identity. This can be in the form of a leg band or wing tag...

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IMAG0539 1 - Week 37 - It's All in the Planning

Week 37 – It's All in the Planning

This week we have been preparing for 2014!  Now I know it's only September but it's crucial that any plans for the future are established and in place so work can begin. The keepers sat down with Simon (our Manager), John (grounds) & Sam & Emily (gift shop) to swap...

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blog moulting kook 1 - Week 36 - Finding feathers

Week 36 – Finding feathers

As we move into Autumn it signals the end of the breeding season for many (but not all) of our birds.  With no nests to build, eggs to incubate or hungry chicks to feed many of our birds are now taking the chance to moult.  As you walk around the...

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IMAG0434 2 710x335 - Week 27 - Quick Update

Week 27 – Quick Update

Hi all It's just a quick update this week as we have been all hands to the deck again with hand rearing, school trips and preparing for Summer (yes, Summer!)   We have 3 Greater Rhea hatch this week.  The chicks are mobile from hatch and are following the parents...

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