Chaco Owl

Marabou new female 2013 2 2 710x335 - Week 32 - Educating Rita....& John, Lisa, Matthew .............

Week 32 – Educating Rita….& John, Lisa, Matthew ………….

The Summer holidays have kicked in this week and we have been busy, busy, busy.   With daily visitor numbers going up it means the keepers are in full swing on the education & entertainment front.  When I first started at Birdland nearly 12 years ago we used to do...

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Snowy Owl 1 2 695x335 - Week 31 - Owls

Week 31 – Owls

This week sees us celebrate International Owl Awareness Day this coming Sunday.  We will be holding a Meet a Keeper Owl special as well as having a guided Owl Tour in the afternoon where you can follow a keeper around in the afternoon as they feed the owls. We currently...

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Chaco Owl 2013 12 2 710x335 - Week 28 - It's a boy.........or girl?!

Week 28 – It's a boy………or girl?!

This week we have been catching up some of the birds that we are uncertain as to what gender they are.  With many species of bird there are obvious differences between the sexes.  You can go on size (male flamingos are taller, female Owls are larger), by colour (think male...

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Helen Perry and Chaco Owl 2 710x335 - South American Owl Chick

South American Owl Chick

A South American owl chick, which hatched out earlier this year, is being hand reared by keepers at Birdland. [caption id="attachment_1677" align="alignright" width="300"] South American Chaco Owl settles in at Birdland.[/caption] The two-month-old Chaco owl, which has yet to be named, has already more than quadrupled in size from its...

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Week 26 – Hand Rearing

As you will have seen from the past couple of blogs, the keepers are currently busy playing Mum & Dad to a variety of different chicks.  This weeks blog is all about how we go about raising the chicks.   There are many reasons why we may hand rear a...

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Week 25 – Hand Rearing Update

We continue on from last weeks blog on hand rearing. All the chicks are doing well, with the Military Macaw chick now tipping the scales at 110 grams (having hatched at 25).  As the chick is getting bigger it is getting less feeds per day but larger quantities are given...

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Week 21 – Medication

This week I thought I would write about how we medicate the birds. With nearly 500 animals under our care we regularly have to treat birds who are unwell or injured.   We have to deal with a variety of ailments, which can be anything from a pulled claw up...

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