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Kookaburra 2013 18 2 710x335 - Week 30 - In the News

Week 30 – In the News

This weeks blog is a catch up of the last two weeks going on in the park.   We’ve had quite a bit of media exposure over the fortnight and with the Summer Holidays upon us, that can only be a good thing.   The first bit of coverage appeared...

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Week 26 – Hand Rearing

As you will have seen from the past couple of blogs, the keepers are currently busy playing Mum & Dad to a variety of different chicks.  This weeks blog is all about how we go about raising the chicks.   There are many reasons why we may hand rear a...

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Week 25 – Hand Rearing Update

We continue on from last weeks blog on hand rearing. All the chicks are doing well, with the Military Macaw chick now tipping the scales at 110 grams (having hatched at 25).  As the chick is getting bigger it is getting less feeds per day but larger quantities are given...

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Week 24 – Chick Chick, Hooray

It's been a good week this week as several of the eggs that the birds and ourselves were incubating have hatched.  This means that the staff are busy hand rearing and bags can be seen under eyes!   The first of the eggs to hatch since the last blog was...

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Week 23 – Busy busy busy

Apologies that this weeks blog is a couple of days late, it’s been a busy couple of days and I just haven’t found time to sit down and write about life at Birdland. As a result this weeks blog is going to be just the updates for the week.  ...

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