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14th of February 2014 – Species Spotlight Black Breasted Thrush

Happy valentines day all This weeks species spotlight gives me the chance to swat up on the species as they are new to Birdland this week   Black Breasted Thrush Turdus dissimilis The Black Breasted Thrush looks very similar to our own Blackbird and indeed are of the same family...

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Species Spotlight – Humboldt Penguin

The weekend past saw us celebrating Penguin Awareness Day. The day itself was on Monday (the 20th) but we made a full weekend of it, with lots of facts and pictures going online and quizzes and hands on events at the park. On Facebook alone, some of Spikes posts reached...

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Species Spotlight – White Faced Whistling Duck

Last week saw International Duck Day falling on the 13th of January so to mark the occasion, this weeks species spotlight falls upon one of our waterfowl   White Faced Whistling Duck Dendrocygna viduata   Native to Northern & Central South America and Central Africa Diet: Consists of aquatic vegetation,...

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11th of October 2013 – Catching Up & the Generation Game

This weeks blog is all about catching you all up on the past 3 weeks events at the park. It has has been quite a hectic few weeks and winter definitely feels like it is starting to arrive, with dark drives into work, the winds starting to pick up and...

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Week 36 – Finding feathers

As we move into Autumn it signals the end of the breeding season for many (but not all) of our birds.  With no nests to build, eggs to incubate or hungry chicks to feed many of our birds are now taking the chance to moult.  As you walk around the...

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Week 35 – Bank Holiday Busyness

We have had a very busy week this week with the warm weather, recent publicity & a Bank Holiday to boot.  Mondays Meet a Keeper saw at least 2 members of staff present from 11 through to 4.45 at the Encounter and at times, all 4 keepers and the work...

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Week 33 – In the Headlines again

Wow, what a week.  This week we have had local, national and even international exposure with the story that Missy, one of our King Penguins, could well be the oldest penguin in the world today. This all started when I saw a zoo in Denmark claiming to have the worlds...

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