African Spoonbill

Crowned Crane 9 1 710x335 - Species Spotlight - East African Crowned Crane

Species Spotlight – East African Crowned Crane

This week we have introduced a pair of our spotlighted species together and what better way to celebrate than to blog about them   East African Crowned Crane Balearica regulorum gibbericeps   There are 2 subspecies of the Grey Crowned Crane of which we keep the East African version, native to...

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Trumpeter Hornbill 25 1 710x335 - 28th of March, 2014 - Species Spotlight - Trumpeter Hornbill

28th of March, 2014 – Species Spotlight – Trumpeter Hornbill

This week we are highlighting one of the most dedicated mothers in the park   Trumpeter Hornbill Bycanistes bucinator   The birds are widespread throughout their range which includes South Africa, Kenya, Burundi and parts of Congo.  They are of least concern on the IUCN list. As Hornbills go, they...

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African Spoonbill 6 Small 1 710x335 - 9th of January 2014 - Species Spotlight  African Spoonbill

9th of January 2014 – Species Spotlight African Spoonbill

For the blog this year I will be highlighting one of our bird species every week and telling you a bit about them.  As always, the blog will continue to round up the weeks news and wildlife sightings as well.   So our first species to be spotlighted this year...

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Marabou new female 2013 2 2 710x335 - Week 32 - Educating Rita....& John, Lisa, Matthew .............

Week 32 – Educating Rita….& John, Lisa, Matthew ………….

The Summer holidays have kicked in this week and we have been busy, busy, busy.   With daily visitor numbers going up it means the keepers are in full swing on the education & entertainment front.  When I first started at Birdland nearly 12 years ago we used to do...

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Snowy Owl 1 2 695x335 - Week 31 - Owls

Week 31 – Owls

This week sees us celebrate International Owl Awareness Day this coming Sunday.  We will be holding a Meet a Keeper Owl special as well as having a guided Owl Tour in the afternoon where you can follow a keeper around in the afternoon as they feed the owls. We currently...

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Kookaburra 2013 18 2 710x335 - Week 30 - In the News

Week 30 – In the News

This weeks blog is a catch up of the last two weeks going on in the park.   We’ve had quite a bit of media exposure over the fortnight and with the Summer Holidays upon us, that can only be a good thing.   The first bit of coverage appeared...

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Chaco Owl 2013 12 2 710x335 - Week 28 - It's a boy.........or girl?!

Week 28 – It's a boy………or girl?!

This week we have been catching up some of the birds that we are uncertain as to what gender they are.  With many species of bird there are obvious differences between the sexes.  You can go on size (male flamingos are taller, female Owls are larger), by colour (think male...

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