Summer of Fun at Birdland Park & Gardens in Gloucestershire

Special offers at Birdland

Visitors to Birdland can imagine they’re on African safari in the heart of the Cotswolds this summer thanks to a major new feature.
Out of Africa’ features a total of nine aviaries; six of which have been newly constructed to showcase the huge variety of birds found on the continent.
Among the new species on display are a flock of black-cheeked lovebirds and a colony of village weavers; famous for their extraordinary nest-building prowess as well as a flamboyance of flamingos featuring no fewer than 36 individual birds.
Other species include touracos, starlings, guinea fowl and exotic ducks and the feature also incorporates the impressive-looking southern and northern ground hornbills.
Plus don’t miss the new Pandemonium of Parrots display showcasing these highly-intelligent and brightly coloured birds.
Famed for their mimicry skills and playful personalities this new integrated feature provides visitors with the opportunity to get close to over nine different species ranging from the rainbow lorikeets and rare golden conures to a range of macaws and cockatoos.
Birdland Park and Gardens, in Bourton-on-the-Water, is home to one of the largest collections of exotic birds in the UK.
The park’s magical combination of wildlife, woodland, riverside and gardens makes it the perfect day out.
Birdland cares for over 500 birds, ranging from the UK’s only breeding colony of king penguins and awesome birds of prey to parrots, cassowaries and cranes in a mix of free-flying and aviary displays.
The beautiful surroundings make it the perfect destination for a summer day out and the daily holiday programme includes flamingo, penguin and pelican feeds throughout the day.
Head to the Encounter Zone to meet African spurred tortoises, pet rabbits and guinea pigs or come face to face with a snake.
The park also incorporates indoor enclosures for a variety of exotic birds and other wildlife alongside a host of other features and attractions.
Explore the Jurassic Journey trail to discover the giant ancestors of all of today’s bird species. Venture in to the Jurassic-themed landscape which is home to more than 30 different life-size dinosaurs for an interactive prehistoric adventure.
Finish up at the Flamingo Point Café or enjoy a picnic whilst watching the flamboyant flamingos on the lake.

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