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Sir David Attenborough visits Birdland

DSC 0061 2 - Sir David Attenborough visits Birdland

This Friday saw Sir David Attenborough visit Birdland to do some work with our King Penguins.  Filming for David Attenbouroughs Natural Curiosities took place before we opened for the public and involved Sir David sitting in amongst of group of 13 King Penguins & 9 Humboldts and discussing the similarities between Kings and Emperors.  The birds behaved impeccably well although Spike got a little camera shy!
Sir David then happily spent some time chatting with the staff and volunteers and signing autographs. Natural Curiousities will be shown on Eden TV and we will keep you informed as to when it will air.  Photos from the day can be found on Spike Facebook Page
In other penguin news, Chloe & Myrtle the Humboldt Penguins have laid another egg.  Their first clutch, which featured on Channel 4s Easter Eggs Live, were infertile but we hope for more joy this time around.  A second egg should be laid any time and incubation will last for approximately 40 days.
april 09, new humboldts 008Chloe stands guard

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