Penguin Week this May Half Term

Penguin underwater 1 - Penguin Week this May Half Term

King Penguins CREDIT Donna Perry 260x300 - Penguin Week this May Half TermWaddle with the penguins for Penguin Week this May Half Term at Birdland Park & Gardens. From 28 May – 5 June, head to Penguin Shore for plenty of penguin fun.
Keepers will be putting your penguin know-how to the test with a special quiz about our piscivorous pals, plus enter the competition to be in with a chance to feed the penguins.
Discover the parcel of penguins living in Penguin Shore and learn all about the quirky personalities of the colony of King Penguins and comical Humboldts. Meet film stars and the World’s oldest penguin.
Watch Keepers feed the two species of Penguins at Birdland their nutritious fish supper at 11am & 2.30pm daily. They are fed buckets of Herring and Sprats, both the King Penguins and Humboldt’s favourites respectively. Whilst watching the feeding hear lots of exciting facts, be introduced to each of the penguins – some of whom are famous film stars! The engaging and informative talks offer the opportunity to find out more than ever about the residents.
Head Keeper Alistair Keen says, “The penguins love to play. Each of the King Penguins has a unique personality and as they are now beginning to pair up we will see lots of courtship rituals on display!
He continues “Our two hand-reared penguins; Spike and Charlotte, are particularly tame”.
At this time of year the King Penguins are just beginning to display their summer beach bodies. Penguins plump up prior to shedding their feathers storing the extra energy needed to produce a beautifully sleek summer plume. Penguin feathers are unlike many other birds with four layers of feathering. King Penguins have 70 feathers per every square inch. The outer layer of feathers are oiled and waterproof, and the inner three layers are down feathers, which act as very effective insulation as the bitter cold which they look to lose as the weather gets warmer.
King Penguin CREDIT Grete Howard 1 - Penguin Week this May Half Term

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