Penguin Week at Birdland

Birdland Penguin Enclosure - Penguin Week at Birdland

Birdland Park & Gardens will celebrate the opening of a stunning new penguin enclosure and the intake of several new residents as part of their Penguin Week during May half term (May 28-June 5).

The team have already welcomed a group of African penguins to the park from Bristol Zoo, with more due to arrive later in the year. African penguins are also called the Jackass Penguin due to their braying call.  They are now critically endangered in the wide due to pollution and overfishing.

The penguin enclosure’s redevelopment work has seen the area completely transformed with a sleepy fishing village backdrop, by design company Dead Walk. The above and below water viewing areas of Penguin Shore have also been updated new brand-new glass.

Birdland already has some celebrity penguins in its ranks, including Spike, who has his own popular social media presence after appearing in an advert for biscuits and on TV with Sir David Attenborough

. Penguin Week will be celebrated during May half term, which starts on Saturday, May 28. Besides the new enclosure and arrivals, there will be the usual daily talks and feeds.

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