New Children's Play Area

We have just revealed our new children’s Play Area in our 9 acre park. It’s perfect for families and particularly for little ones as kids can climb, dig, swing and spot parrots in the revamped zone.
The original play area situated next to the relaxing café spot was damaged by trees during the storms. Rather than simply replacing the equipment the keepers at Birdland decided to renovate and revamp to make the Play Area more exciting for children and more comfortable for their parents.
With new sand tables, which range in height making them suitable for and a bigger and better wooden climbing frame children have a great space to let off steam and spot parrots from the top (it’s a great place to eat ice cream too!). The enhanced outdoor experience makes Birdland a fantastic family destination this summer.
As well as the new Play Area families can discover the exotic and rare birds from around the world. Get close to Flamingos, pelicans, cranes and emus as well as owls, parrots, hornbills and sulcatas.
Penguin Shore is home to some fascinating and entertaining characters from Birdland’s huddle of penguins including the majestic Kings and comical Humboldts. Penguin Feeding takes place daily at 11 and 2.30pm.
There’s even more for everyone to enjoy this summer from special close encounters sessions, talks by the bird-keepers and feeding displays.

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