New Arrivals Flock To Birdland

New Arrivals Bronze winged pigeons

 Here at Birdland keepers are looking after a flock of new arrivals!

With spring just around the corner the Bourton-on-the-Water wildlife attraction is welcoming a host of new birds.

Among the new feathered arrivals are a female crowned crane, a hamerkop, a male blacksmith plover, a Madagascan teal and a pair of blue bellied rollers which will all move into the park’s new ‘Out of Africa’ feature.

Other new arrivals include a female burrowing owl, two female azure winged magpies and a male grey peacock pheasant who keepers hope will hit it off with their female.

Found in the dense forests of South-east Asia grey peacock pheasants get their name from the striking green-blue ‘eye’ pattern on the feathers of their back.

Additional developments for 2019 include a new aviary for their Australian long-billed corella, a type of native cockatoo, and work is almost complete on a brand new incubation room.

With its combination of woodland, riverside and gardens, Birdland features more than 500 birds, ranging from the UK’s only colony of king penguins and parrots to cassowaries and cranes in a mix of free-flying and aviary displays.

The spectacular ‘Out of Africa’ feature showcases the huge variety of birds found on the African continent.

Among the species on display are black-cheeked lovebirds, village weavers; famous for their extraordinary nest-building prowess as well as a flamboyance of flamingos featuring no fewer than 36 individual birds.

Other species include touracos, starlings, guinea fowl, exotic ducks and the impressive-looking southern and northern ground hornbills.

Plus don’t miss the Pandemonium of Parrots display showcasing these highly-intelligent and brightly coloured birds.

Famed for their mimicry skills and playful personalities this new integrated feature provides visitors with the chance to get close to over nine different species including rainbow lorikeets, rare golden conures and a range of macaws and cockatoos.

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