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Explore the wonders of the Birdland & Jurassic Journey attraction set within the beautiful surroundings of the Cotswolds

We recently collaborated with myhotelbreak when they visited here at Birdland. Find out what they discovered in this guest blog edition:

As part of our wider trip to the Cotswolds we wanted to find a memorable attraction that the kids as well as the adults could really experience and enjoy equally together. We spoke to some of our guests who were staying in our hotels in the Cotswolds and they mentioned they had taken time out to visit Birdland.

We had heard of this great attraction before and decided to get some more information on it. Thanks in part to our guests and the amazing reviews that Birdland had, it as a no brainer in adding this attraction to our itinerary.

Let’s find out more…

We knew there was a lot to do here but the main thing for us was to see as many birds as possible as the kids just love them. What can I say? From the second we entered Birdland it was just a joy. We were able to see various displays from exotic to more native birds. Our little ones were in their element throughout.

From the wonders of the Flamingos and Pelicans to the Cranes and Pheasant, the array of bird species here is incredible. We really recommend adding time in to see the Penguin feeding.  Not only are these animals entertaining, it’s important to see them in their natural environment.

What’s really impressive about this attraction is the care they have for their animals. The conservation and breeding programme they have here is vital. Birdland is at the forefront of helping maintain and increase the numbers of all the animals they house here. They have partnerships with organisations throughout the world to recognise their efforts and this includes The World Parrot Trust.

What else is worth seeing?

The park itself is just a delight as well. Set within beautiful surroundings next to River Windrush you can really get away from it all when visiting here.

Jurassic Journey is worth a mention too. It’s very well thought out, informative and an added perk to Birdland for sure. It was fun and something different for us all.

The park isn’t too big neither too small either. It’s the perfect size to really enjoy a day out with all the family. We finished up at Flamingo Point Café. With views of the river, we kicked back and relaxed with a hot cuppa and some great food. There is a lot on offer so coming here is a must.

Birdland Park & Gardens is one of the must visit attractions in the Cotswolds. Visit here and create memories that last this year. 

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