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King Penguin Chick photos, live webcam & video link

A bird in the hand at Birdland Park & Gardens PIC BNPS
Here are some of the latest photos:

King penguin chick with cuddly penguin toy at Birdland Park & Gardens PIC BNPS KIng Penguin chick King Penguin egg hatching





Proud king penguin parents at Birdland Park & Gardens PIC BNPSProud parents

The tiny chick finally hatched out of its palm-sized egg after an anxious two-month incubation, with keepers on hand to assist the bird to break out of the egg if necessary.

King penguins only produce one egg, and often will not breed for several years.

For proud parents Lily and Frank this is their second chick after Junior, who was born in 2006 and also hand reared by Head Keeper Alistair Keen.

“We are thrilled to have the first king penguin egg hatch successfully. The chick is doing well” said Keeper Alistair.

“We have six pairs in total and all have the potential to produce fertile eggs,” he added.

And below is a little video of our cute king penguin chick

And here is a link to a video from BBC Midlands Today with Victoria Cook

There are 17 species of penguin in the world and the king penguin is the second largest, weighing up to 18kg. The largest is the emperor penguin, which can weigh 45kg and the smallest is the appropriately-named little penguin which weighs two kilogrammes.

Photographs with thanks to BNPS

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