Collecting Humboldts

The popular Penguin Shore exhibition at Birdland in Bourton on the Water has welcomed three new Humboldt Penguins to the community.

Collecting Humboldts

The penguins arrived from Dudley Zoo and have quickly adapted to life with 7 Humboldts and 18 King Penguins in the Cotswolds.

The penguins may look funny waddling on land, but the special windows in the water mean you can see this waddling turn to power and elegance once they are underwater and truly in their element. They can swim up to speeds of up to 20 miles an hour steering with their feet and tail.

Humboldt’s also have amazing eyesight seeing as well underwater as they do on land – helping them to hunt down their prey – small fish such as anchovies and herring. They have a spiny tongue which helps them to catch the fish.

Ali Keen, Head Keeper  – “The new penguins have settled in really well and getting used to the new routine at Birdland.”

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