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Enjoy a cracking time at Birdland’s hatchery

Boy with Chick at New Hatchery Birdland 1 - Enjoy a cracking time at Birdland’s hatchery

Care about our little brothersWith quail, chicken and duck eggs, the nursery is the perfect place to see the babies as they emerge in time for Spring.
The Hatchery continues the egg story in the Discovery Zone allowing families to see the baby chicks and hatching eggs up close.
The Discovery Zone is full of lots of information, the chance to watch the eggs hatching live and the baby chicks as they grow up. There will also be interactive sessions with Birdland’s keepers offering families the chance to ask questions and find out more. Come face to face with other animals that lay eggs – from fish to amphibians, reptiles to mammals, there are lots of egg-laying critters to see. Interactive sessions with the expert keepers are also held so that you can enjoy close encounters with a variety of creatures including lizards and snakes.

Emu chick

Emu chick

Chicks at Birdland

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