Disgusting Birds this Feb Half Term

casso 1 1 1 - Disgusting Birds this Feb Half Term

This half term prepare to be fascinated and repulsed by Birdland, Park & Gardens’ Disgusting Birds Week! From Saturday 11 Feb – Sunday 19 Feb, 2017 the Gloucestershire attraction will be revealing the most revolting birds that inhabit the Park.
Discover the Spectacled Owl; this disgusting bird eats its food whole then later regurgitates the fur and bone in a pellet.
Meet the Marabou Stork; an African bird that cools itself by pooing on its legs! The legs contain some major blood vessels and by pooing on them the bird can cool its blood.
Come face to face with the Cassowary; this bird doesn’t have a good digestive system and its food passes through it very quickly… so it eats its own poo to get the extra nourishment.
Learn about the Lilac-breasted Roller; who vomits on its chicks in the nest to make them smell foul, deterring predators.
Throughout the week there will be toxic talks and terrible trails highlighting some of the more horrible habitants and their history. Visitors can also meet some real feathered fiends during the special Meet the Creatures sessions.
Head Keeper Alistair Keen says: “Despite their often angelic reputations, there are some birds who are among the most disgusting creatures in the World with some really repulsive behaviours. Lots have developed envious defences and vile habits.”
He continues: “Families can discover some disgusting birds at Birdland and join us to see some of the gross gourmands in action.”
From blood-sucking songbirds and puking penguins there are plenty of putrid personalities to find!

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