Dinosaurs Descend on Birdland

Stegosaurus Descend at Birdland Park and Gardens

A trio of life-size dinosaurs definitely ruffled a few feathers when they arrived at Birdland last week.

The triceratops, stegosaurus and T-rex made the journey to the Bourton-on-the-Water wildlife attraction from Gloucester Museum and will join the park’s existing herd of prehistoric beasts.

All three were transported via an open top lorry and provided a bizarre scene for passers-by as they made their way to their new home, from the Museum of Gloucester which is making way for a new exhibition focussing on the moon.

“Dinosaurs last roamed the Cotswolds approximately 140-million-years ago so I think you could definitely describe it as a very rare sighting,” said Birdland’s head keeper Alistair Keen.

“The three new arrivals look amazing and will fit in really well with our other dinosaurs, I just hope they all behave themselves and there aren’t any disagreements!” he added.

As well as being a fun attraction for visitors the park’s ‘Jurassic Journey’ trail is also a reminder that today’s bird species are directly descended from dinosaurs.

“Giant modern-day flightless birds like emus, ostriches and cassowaries are incredibly similar to their ancient ancestors and palaeontologists often study the way they move and the structure of their bones to provide insights in to the prehistoric world,” said Alistair.

Birdland Park and Gardens, in Bourton-on-the-Water, is home to one of the largest collections of exotic birds in the UK.

Located in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds, the park’s magical combination of wildlife, woodland, riverside and gardens makes it the perfect day out.

Birdland cares for more than 500 birds, ranging from the England’s only breeding colony of king penguins and awesome birds of prey to parrots, cassowaries and cranes in a mix of free-flying and aviary displays.

The park also incorporates indoor enclosures for a variety of exotic birds and other wildlife alongside a host of other features and attractions; including the dinosaur-themed Jurassic Journey and recently opened Out of Africa.

There’s a host of fun, entertaining and informative events and activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy taking place throughout the year.

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