Curious About Crows this Halloween

Crow at Stonehenge 1 - Curious About Crows this Halloween

Crows have long been considered a bad omen and represented in such ways in folklore and the media, so what better time to learn more about them than at Halloween, the spookiest time of year!

Read on to find out more about the black-feathered bird and why it’s such a formidable member of the avian family.

Murder Afoot

Did you know a group of crows is creepily called a murder? The Corvus bird has long been associated with death and it is thought through this association their group namesake become so ominous…

Clever Crows

These are very intelligent birds and have been known to use tools. They’ve even been observed using sticks to obtain food they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. More recently it’s been discovered they even leave nuts in the path of moving cars to help them crack them open.

Trickster Gods

The Australian Aborigines used to consider crows a kind of trickster god and many Aborignie cultures tell stories about the clever crow and his adventures.

Begrudged Bird

Did you know a crow can hold a grudge and remember someone who wronged them. They can remember the face of a human who mistreated them and are even able to teach other crows to avoid them!

Raven or Crow

Although very similar looking and from the same family of birds, there are ways to tell apart ravens and their crow counterparts. Mainly that ravens are always bigger, and you won’t spot crows outside the Tower of London!

Now that you know a little more about the common crow you’ll be able to admire them and appreciate their wit and intelligence more so this Halloween time.

You can also visit Birdland’s October Half Term event Myths and Legends where you’ll learn about the tales surrounding crows, owls the phoenix and much more. Find out more here.

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