Close Encounters May Half Term Fun!

Meet the Owls at birdland

Birdland Meeting the Giant Tortoises 1 - Close Encounters May Half Term Fun!
Get up close and personal with the feathered residents at Bourton-on-the-Water’s Birdland this May Half Term. Experience close encounters by becoming a perch for a parrot or a landing pad for an owl. Climb inside the tortoise pen and come face to face with a snake. Exciting encounters for all the family await over the school holidays.

There are plentBirdland Meet Owls 300x239 - Close Encounters May Half Term Fun!y of ways to get involved at Birdland over the bank holiday with interactive experiences, specialist talks and bird feeding. With fantastic family experiences like ‘Meet a Keeper’, Penguin Feeding and the Discovery Zone there are more ways than ever to encounter the birds.
Watching the Penguin Feeding is a very special experience and an extremely close encounter! Watch Keepers feed the two species of Penguins at Birdland their nutritious fish supper at 11am & 2.30pm daily. They are fed buckets of Herring and Sprats, both the King Penguins and Humboldt’s favourites respectively. Whilst watching the feeding hear lots of exciting facts, be introduced to each of the penguins – some of whom are famous film stars! The engaging and informative talks offer the opportunity to find out more than ever about the residents.
Easter chicks at Birdland 300x218 - Close Encounters May Half Term Fun!See eye to eye with a chick at the new Hatchery, currently housing eggs from ducks, quails and chickens as well as newly hatched chicks needing to keep warm in the incubator. The Hatchery allows children and adults to see up close the rare eggs needing special care and watch the chicks hatching and playing.
The Discovery Zone tells the story of the egg with exciting critters like lizards and snakes close enough to spy on. Enjoying their special house the five tortoises are a must-see as they enjoy the bank holiday sunshine.
And of-course don’t miss the new Jurassic Journey which opens on Saturday 23 May 2015.

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