Celebrate International Owl Awareness Day

Snowy Owl

Birdland is celebrating International Owl Awareness Day on Thursday 4th August with a day full of owl-tastic activities for families. Everyone will love learning more about owls, owlets and regal raptors at the Park.

Children can undertake a fact-finding mission across the parkland finding out more about strigiformes as well as how the females look after their chicks, catching their prey at night in their terrific talons and of course what owl pellets actually look like.

Keepers will be leading special talks throughout the day all-about-owls and during the Meet the Keeper sessions visitors can have a close encounter with the Park’s White-Faced Owl and Chaco Owl, running from 12.15pm – 3pm.

Discover the Eagle Owl, Snowy Owl, Spectacled Owl and Burrowing Owl in their aviaries around the Park, spot the differences between the species and learn more about during their visit. 

Birdland has been a home to wild Tawny Owlets in the Nature Area, Gloucester itself is home to all five UK species of owl making it the best place to spend International Owl Awareness Day!

Our Top 5 Fun F-Owl Facts

  • Contrary to popular belief owls cannot turn their head all the way around. However they can manage a pretty impressive 270 degrees!
  • Barn Owls are the most widespread of owls, found on every continent.
  • A group of Owls is a Parliament
  • Owls don’t have eyeballs, they’re more like eye tubes. They’re elongated and held in place by “sclerotic rings,” a bony structure in the skull. Because of this, owls can’t really move or roll their eyes. That’s why they have heightened mobility in their necks.
  • Owls are very quiet in flight, almost silent, compared to other birds of prey.

Birdland is open daily from 10am

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