Celebrate Feathered Dads this Father's Day

Penguins at Birdland Park and Gardens

Here at Bourton-on-the-Water’s we are paying tribute to some of the best of Bird Dads for a weekend celebration as part of Father’s Day this 20 – 21 June.
This time of year is a busy period for our bird-keeping team as the residents will have lots of eggs and chicks underfoot, or in the Hatchery, who are eagerly monitored by the team.
This exciting weekend of activities incorporates a talks programme which highlights some of Birdland’s hard-working birds, so you can hear more about how birdlife looks after its young. And it isn’t always as you would expect!
Head-Keeper, Alistair explains: “In some cases it is the males that actually do most of the hard work when it comes to looking after the babies, the Rhea, Cassowary and Emu fathers have females laying eggs into their nest. They will then incubate for 40 or so days and be responsible for protecting the chicks.
“The King Penguin parents share incubation of their single egg – taking it in turns to keep the egg warm on top of their feet, whilst many male birds incubate eggs during the day, when the chicks need lots of food and predators may be about.”
Did you know?
Emperor Penguin males incubate their single egg by themselves for up to 75 days during the Antarctic winter, with no food and in the coldest place on Earth!
Male Namaqua Sandgrouse, who live in the desert, can carry up to 40ml of water in their chest feathers, they then fly to the nest and give the youngsters a drink.
Catch the Bird Dads in action over Father’s Day weekend and see which Dads are working the hardest.

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