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New King Penguin at Birdland Park Gardens 1 600x335 - New Year, New King Penguin!

New Year, New King Penguin!

We are celebrating the start of 2016 with a very special new arrival, a female King Penguin. Travelling to the park all the way from Demark the 16 month old little girl is part of our breeding programme. Arriving just before Christmas the King Penguin now happily inhabits Penguin Shore...

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Penguins behaving badly at Birdland Park Gardens 1 710x335 - Birds Behaving Badly!

Birds Behaving Badly!

We are celebrating birds behaving badly over the February Half Term Holidays starting Saturday 13 until Sunday 21 February 2016. From blood-sucking songbirds and puking penguins to stinking storks and spitting swallows, our keepers will reveal revolting facts about some of the world’s baddest birds. There will be toxic talks and terrible trails highlighting the horrible aspects of natural...

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Flamingo Point Cafe cakes 1 710x335 - Cafe Opening Times this Winter

Cafe Opening Times this Winter

Please note: the cafe will be closed through out week days in December/ January, but will remain open on weekends.  Please find complimentary tea and coffee facilities near the park entrance.

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The Ferocious Crested Seriema.Birdland 1 600x335 - Meet the New Arrivals

Meet the New Arrivals

We are excited to announce the new arrivals to our flock. Two Crested Seriemas have landed all the way from Zurich. The pair is native to parts of South America where they feed on snakes and other small animals. The ferocious duo is a 3 year old male and a 2...

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Journey to the Jurassic for October Half Term 1 710x335 - Myths & Legends at Birdland October Half Term

Myths & Legends at Birdland October Half Term

Visitors will be able to let their imagination fly away with them during October Half Term Holidays, 24 October – 1 November, with a special Halloween themed ‘Myths & Legends’ week and the new Jurassic Journey Trail at Birdland Park & Gardens, Bourton-on-the-Water. Discover why owls are considered to be...

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Two Caribbean Flamingo Chicks 1 710x335 - Flamboyance of Flamingo Chicks at Birdland

Flamboyance of Flamingo Chicks at Birdland

We are delighted that 2 Caribbean flamingo chicks have hatched weighing 85g & 105g. The new arrivals have been met with delight by the keepers at the Bourton-on-the-Water who incubated the eggs and have been rearing by hand. The chicks, who are just over four weeks old, are a whitish grey...

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Birdland Park and Gardens Flamingo Point Café

Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week with the Penguins

Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week (10 – 16 August) with us here at Birdland Park & Gardens and eat scones with the flamingos and drink tea with the penguins! There’s nowhere better to enjoy a rather colourful afternoon tea experience than our newly renovated Flamingo Point Café. Treat yourself to a...

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Penguin Swimming 1 710x335 - Head Keeper teaches King Penguin Chick to swim

Head Keeper teaches King Penguin Chick to swim

Our Head Keeper has been going to extreme lengths to help our king penguin chick overcome its fear of water. Head keeper Alistair Keen donned snorkel and mask and took the plunge in the penguin’s outdoor pool in a bid to encourage the chick, who has been named Charlotte in...

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King Penguin at Birdland showers to cool down

Penguins Cool Off

Keepers are working hard to keep our penguins cool in the heatwave! [caption id="attachment_3112" align="alignnone" width="550"] King Penguin's Queue up for the Shower[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3114" align="alignnone" width="150"] Penguins Cool off on ice[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3111" align="alignnone" width="150"] King Penguin at Birdland showers to cool down[/caption]

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Fresh produce at Birdland Cafe

Birdland Re-Launch Flamingo Point Café

Birdland Park & Gardens is excited to announce a re-launch of their Flamingo Point Café in their Bourton-on-the-Water attraction. [caption id="attachment_3045" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Fresh produce at Birdland Cafe[/caption] Flamingo Point Café has undergone a complete menu review with a focus on locally sourced delicious goodies perfect for lunch and afternoon...

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