Birdland’s Top 5 Favourite Feathered Mums Facts

Mother's Day at Birdland

With mother’s Day coming up, the Keepers at Birdland Park and Gardens are celebrating some of the avian world’s finest feathered females. Be sure to join them on Mother’s day weekend (Saturday March 30th – Sunday, March 31st) and find out why some of these mums are so special.

Before you arrive we’ve gathered our five favourite-feathered mums facts so you can impress your friends when you get here:

  1. As flamingos often live in environments where there is lots of water, to protect their un-hatched baby they build a nest cone of mud up to a foot high to protect their single egg from flooding.
  2. Instead of building a nest female parrots rely on holes in trees in which to nest.
  3. Female pheasants make a scrape on the floor and lay up to eight eggs which they will incubate and hope that their dull coloured plumage will help camouflage them.
  4. Possibly the most committed mother is the female trumpeter hornbill, she will seal herself into a cavity in a tree (or a nest box at Birdland) using mud, droppings and saliva whilst she lays her eggs. Once the chicks are full size they will then break out.
  5. Unlike the female trumpeter hornbill, female cassowaries are among the laziest of bird mothers, they lay eggs in the nests of several males then leave them to incubate and rear the young!

Discover some of these birds and many more when you visit Birdland park and gardens, located in the beautiful Bourton-on-the-Water it’s the perfect Mothering Sunday for bird twitcher mums. Find out what’s happening here.

Remember to book online before you arrive to save 10% on the admission price and whilst you’re here why not upgrade mum’s ticket to a membership so she can return all year for free!

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