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Birdland welcomes eight egg-citing new arrivals

Sulcata Tortoise with Keeper Chris Abbey 1 scaled - Birdland welcomes eight egg-citing new arrivals

Birdland, in the picturesque Bourton-on-the-Water, is excited to welcome new arrivals to its fantastic park and gardens. Five tortoises and three emus have just landed and are ready to join the Birdland family.

Sulcata Tortoise with Chris Abbey

Sulcata Tortoise with Chris Abbey

The five male Sulcata tortoises are the World’s third largest species and are otherwise known as African Spurred Tortoises. Weighing up to 91kg and reach a whopping 90cm in length, they can easily live for over 100 years, with 150 possible. Awaiting to be named, the boys are currently hanging out with the birds in the undercover aviary whilst they wait for the weather to get warmer and can move into their outdoor summer pad.
The three emus are the second largest species of bird in the world, and it is the first time they have ever been residents at Birdland. With one male and two females arriving only last week from Yorkshire they can reach an amazing 6 & ½ feet tall with the ladies growing slightly larger than the males. Even more astonishing is their speed at full tilt they clock in at 30mph.
Emu Arrival at Birdland
Keepers at Birdland are excited to have the magnificent eight on site and are looking forward to naming the birds and tortoises with some help from their fans.
Make sure to keep an eye of their Facebook and Twitter pages to join in the naming fun.
Birdland is open from 10am until 5pm daily with penguin feeding at 11am and 2.30pm.

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